Torres de Paine
National Park

Want to get away to someplace foreign, but with all the amenities of home? Want to ski beautiful mountains, or visit white sand beaches? Do you want to fish crystalline lakes or hike lush forests? Or maybe you want to gaze up at the stars and feel that they are so close that you can almost touch them? Or would you like to see glaciers, or maybe feel the calm of an arid desert? Then Chile is the place for you to visit for all this and more.

Chilean Beach

Chile is a land of great diversity. The Chileans say that when God created the world he took a little bit of everything He made and put it off to one side and that became Chile. It has an average width of less then 110 miles, but if placed sideways over the United States it would nearly reach from the east to west coast. In the north it has the some of the driest deserts in the world and in the south there are snow, glaciers, and penguins.

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